Beal & John Street

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Distance: 500m
Average Gradient: 17%
Elevation gain: 87 meters
Traffic: Light traffic
Surface: Sealed
Category: 4

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Lorne is a breathtaking seaside town which is situated in the Ottway Ranges on the Great Ocean Road. It is a stunning place to visit with its winding coast line, and mountain ranges.  All of the roads in the township of Lorne are very steep, and offers some of the state’s toughest climbs.  If you attempt any climb in Lorne I can guarantee you will be feeling pain, which can be described as a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body.  If you don’t like a little pain, well go back to Beach Road…….

Climb commences at the intersection of Beal Street & Great Ocean Road.

If you’re willing to try a climb like this then become accustomed to pain. It is guaranteed to hurt. This street is incredibly steep & although your legs may be screaming out in pain & you will want to get off & walk up this hill. I can guarantee it will hurt your pride more walking than climbing this monster.

Climb finishes at the top of John Street.  For those who like to go that one step further. Turn left onto George Street & there you will find an extra couple of hundred metres to climb.

Yep it’s steep
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