Glen Track aka “Everest climb”

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Distance: 600 metres
Average Gradient: 4%
Maximum Gradient: 16%
Elevation gain: 40 metres
Terrain: Gravel
Road Surface: Poor

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Glen Track

The Glen Track is two steep pinches with a short, sharp descent in the middle.  This is one of the main tracks used by Mountain bikers to get back to the Hallam North Road car park.  Its incredibly steep pinches have caused many a rider to get off & walk their bike.  It has a soft sandy surface offers little traction.  Making it very challenging to climb gradients which peaks at 16%.

Mountain Bikers as a rule of thumb don’t like climbing.  They like descending so the name given to this climb “Everest”.  May seem to be perplexing to those that ride the road as there’s only about 500 metres of climbing involved.  Although short this one has a real bite to it & will put you to the test.

Glen Track aka “Everest climb”

The climb begins at the intersection at the Wallaby Track & the Glen  Track.

You can get a short run-up to the first section & its steep with close to 10% in average.  Thankfully its not long enough to really hurt the legs.  Over the top of this pinch is a little respite & a short sharp descent.

However the second part of this climb has given many a rider a nightmare.

No matter how much your legs are hurting you will want to hit this descent as quickly as possible.  The ascendance will help to carry you a little up the last pinch.

It really isn’t nice when you hit a climb which goes straight up & its so steep you can’t see the top.  This pinch hurts!  Loose gravel coupled with an incredibly steep pinch makes this an incredibly challenging climb to get to the top.

Start of the climb


The climb finishes shortly after you pass the toilet block at the Hallam North Road car park.

Keep an eye out as there is a large population of Kangaroos that like to live around this area.

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