Granite Track

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Distance: 800 metres
Average Gradient: 5%
Maximum Gradient: 16%
Elevation gain: 56 metres
Terrain: Gravel
Road Surface: Poor

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Granite Track is beauty and the beast.  The path takes you through to the northern & most scenic part of Lysterfield Lake.  To get there you’ve got to climb two incredibly challenging climbs past the Quarry mine.  Easily the ugliest part of the climb.

Granite Track

The climb starts from the junction of Wallaby Track & the Granite Track.  The first 100 metres offers you a good chance to warm-up before you start hitting the steep part.  Scarily this first pinch just gets steeper & steeper.

This is not a well maintained track & as it is common to be in bad shape.

The first pinch peaks at 15%.   Your lungs will be desperate for air as you hit the short steep technical descent down past the Quarry.  The bottom of this descent commonly occurs storm damage.  It’s common to see pot holes & cracks which can be very difficult to negotiate at speed.

The second pinch is steeper & if you don’t get the start right & use your ascendancy to get up you’re screwed.  Its so tough that if you’re doing 6 or 7 km/h then you’ll be doing well.  This second pinch is where you’ll earn your money.

Once you’re over this pinch the remainder of the track is undulating and mainly uphill.  You come out & get a chance to see impressive views of the Dandenong Ranges.  Which makes the journey worth while.

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