Trig Point (Lysterfield side)

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Distance: 3.2 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Maximum Gradient: 21%
Elevation gain: 137 metres
Terrain: Gravel
Road Surface: Poor

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Lysterfield Lake has some of Melbourne’s greatest Mountain Bike trails.  With over 20km of single trails as well as a network of fire trails.  Lysterfield Lake has rides that cater to riders of all ages and skill levels.  It’s most popular and challenging climb is the climb up to Trig Point.  This takes you to a lookout overlooking the park which offers 360 degree views.  This is a climb made more challenging due to its gravel surface which offers little in the way in traction, and the final part is extreme to the max.

The climb begins at the junction of the Glen Track & the Wallaby track

Start of the climb

There are two parts to this climb.  The first part of this climb is 2.6 km in length and winds its way past Lysterfields most popular downhill single track “aneurysm”.  You will often see a rider or two fly down at incredible speeds.  I’ve never understood how Mountain Bikers prefer going downhill’s rather than uphill but each to their own.

The first part of the climb offers a pretty consistent gradient.  The path is quite wide and takes you through one of the more scenic parts of the park.  The gradient is quite steady and its easy to get into a tempo. However there are some sections which have loose gravel which will throw your rhythm as it’s harder to find traction.  This is a climb which does get harder the further you climb, and steepens a little before you get to the junction at the Granite track and this is where the real climbing begins.

Image courtesy of ghatamos; Flickr

From here the track is called “Lysterfield Hills track”, and you can tell why when you see the path go skywards.  Given the steep gradient you won’t be travelling fast, but keep an eye out for Kangaroos.  You’re always guaranteed to see them in this part of the park.  They aren’t aggressive and in most instances will hop away from you, but there’s the odd genius who doesn’t know their left from their right & it can be daunting have a Kangaroo jump right in front of you.

This last little section to the top of Trig Point is super steep.  It never dips below 10% and the surface is rough, littered with loose gravel and this is a real lung buster.  This is the sort of climb that you will have to dig deep to keep on pedalling as every fibre of your body wants to get off and walk.  There’s always a sense of relief and satisfaction when you get to the top & take time to get off your bike & appreciate the view.

It’s all downhill from here & no matter which way you descend from Trig Point is fast & furious.  Just keep an eye out for those Kangaroos


  • Parking available at Horswood Road Carpark, Hallam North Road, Wellington Road & Rockleigh Park Road
  • Toilet facilities available at Horswood Carpark
  • Lysterfield Lake has a large population of Kangaroos.  They are non-aggressive however have been known to hop straight at cyclists



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