Woodlands Walk to Trig Poing climb

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Distance: 1 km
Average Gradient: 10%
Elevation gain: 
107 metres
Walking track
Gravel (MTB or CX only)
Road Surface:
Loose gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Woodlands walk climb is the hardest climb to do at Lysterfield Lake.  The first 600 metres of this climb take you up a bumpy, rocky track.  Which is incredibly steep averaging 12% and peaking at 22% at one stage.  If you survive this section the path flattens to a more manageable gradient.  Which joins onto the Grassy Spur walk.  As the name suggests the surface is grass & doesn’t offer great traction & offers its own challenge to get to the top.

Start of climb to the left

Woodlands Walk climb

The first 400 metres of this climb, the gradient barely ever drops below 15%.  The surface is rough and you’ll be riding over loose gravel, potholes, roots and whatever nature decides to throw in your way.  This is a real lung burner.  It’s really essential to pace yourself up this first section.

What you see is what you get

When you make it to the top the gradient averages around 5 – 6%.  You’ll be riding over mown grass.  This doesn’t offer the greatest of traction.  Its not comforting that the easy section of this climb a real test.

As you approach the path to Trig Point the last 50 metres of climbing is truly brutal.  Peaking at close to 20%.  Cross over the main track and there isn’t a path in front of you,  But keep climbing up the grass until you reach the marker at the top of the hill.

With 360 degree views from the top that little extra climb is certainly worth the effort.

Take care on the descent as there is a large Kangaroo population in the area.  You’re always guaranteed to see them on your ride.

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