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I profile climbs that are all on my bucket list that one day I hope to do myself.  You will find one thing in common with the climbs that I profile.  They’re usually super steep, or super long.  Preferably both!  To access the write-ups for any climb below.  Please click on a pin on the map and this link will to take you to the climb write-up.

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If you know of a climb or a ride that you would like me to profile.  Please get in contact and more than happy to discuss.



Link to climb write-up
Gradient %
Charlotte Pass Jindabyne N.S.W 32.2 km 3 HC
Mount Gambier Mount Gambier South Australia 2 6 3
Bonnet Hill Hobart Tasmania 2.4 km 4 4
Collinsvale Hobart Tasmania 3.5 km 8 4
Grasstree Hill  Hobart Tasmania 4 km 4 4
Jacob’s Ladder  Ben Lemond Tasmania 23 km 5 HC
Mount Rumney  Hobart Tasmania 3.3 6.9 3
Mount Wellington Hobart Tasmania 11 7 HC
Nelson Road  Hobart Tasmania 3.9 km 6 3
Strickland Avenue  Hobart Tasmania 4.6 5.4 3
The Domain Hobart Tasmania 2.2 km 4.6 4
New Zealand
The Crown Ranges  Crown Ranges New Zealand 10.8 km 6 1
Baldwin Street  Dunedin New Zealand 300 metres 18 4
Blacks Road  Dunedin New Zealand 500 metres 12 4
Milford Sound Milford Sound New Zealand 9.1 km 8 2
Mount Ruapehu New Zealand 16.4 km 6 HC
Constitution Hill Swansea England 1 km 10 3
Colle delle Finestre Sussa Italy 17.8 kmm 9.4 HC
Rocacorba Girona Spain 9.9 km 7.4 1
Saint Gothard Pass Switzerland 11.8 km 7.5 HC
Khardung Pass Leh India 39 km 5 HC
Mount Fuji Subashiri Japan 11 km 10 HC
North America
Mauna Kea Hawaii 68.6km 6 HC
Waipio Valley Road Waipo Valley Hawaii 1 km 25 HC
Dante’s Peak Death Valley Las Vegas 37 km 4 HC
Lombard Street  San Fransisco 300 metres 18 4
South America
Death Road Bolivia 28 km 6 HC
Non-Victorian climbs

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