Olivers Hill (Frankston)

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Olivers Hill
Location: Frankston
Distance: 600 metres
Average Gradient: 6%
Maximum Gradient: 11%
Elevation gain: 39 metres
Terrain: Highway
Road Surface: Good

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Olivers Hill is considered the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula.  It’s an immensely popular climb which is a favorite of Beach Road riders wishing to throw a little extra punishment at their legs.  This hill was named after local fisherman by the name of James Oliver.  Who built the first cottage atop the hill in the mid-19th century.

Image by Thomas Williams; courtesy of Flickr

Olivers Hill climb

There’s a short descent as you make your way past the Frankston Pier on the Nepean Highway.  The road flattens out until you pass a Caltex Service Station to the left hand side of the road.  This is when you will be able to see the climb up Olivers Hill.

Image by Simon Yeo; courtesy of Flickr

After you round the first bend this climb gets considerably steeper and whilst it’s only a short climb.  It’s easy to cook yourself if you go in too hard too early.  You’ll find the road quite narrow & traffic is busy and you will need to keep to the far left as far as possible.

I rarely advocate descents, but the way down Olivers Hill is one of the best short descents going around.  It’s a fast & furious technical descent.  What you’ll appreciate most are the views looking straight out onto Port Phillip Bay.  A truly remarkable experience.

Image by Simon Yeo; courtesy of Flickr

Olivers Hill Lookout

Olivers Hill offers one of Melbourne’s best lookouts which offers stunning views towards Melbourne across Port Phillip Bay.  On a clear day you can see all around the bay.  This is a great spot to chillax, take photos, or to eat some fish n’ chips.  The best time to visit is just as the sun is setting.

At the base of Olivers Hill is a larger car park to the left of the Nepean Highway.  This is also a great lookout, which you can walk around to the sea wall which was built in 1950.  This wall was built in order to help stop the erosion of the hill.


On the left hand side of the Nepean Highway on the top of Olivers Hill


Short-term free parking available

Olivers Hill

What to expect

  • Great photo opportunities
  • Melbourne’s most stunning coastal views by bike
  • A challenging climb
  • Fantastic opportunity to have a pissing contest with your mates

How to get there

Olivers Hill is located on the Nepean Highway in Frankston and is approximately 56 km south-east of Melbourne.

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Video by Jeremy Chen

A short ride from Olivers Hill is the Two Bays Road climb.  Click here to find out more about this awesome climb.

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