Two Bays Road

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Distance:  2 km
Gradient: 5%
Elevation gain: 96 metres
Surface: Sealed
Terrain: Mainly forest

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Two Bays Road is one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most popular climbs.  It is commonly included as part of a Beach Road run. Whilst it isn’t overly long at 2 km in length.  Two Bays Road has a fairly consistent gradient and is a really good climb to smash yourself on.  Its also commonly used for interval training to do repeats on.

Start of the climb

Two Bays Road climb

The first part of this climb takes you through the Mount Eliza regional park.  This section offers some great scenery along the way.  There are two very popular tourist destinations at the base of this climb. The Mornington Railway. This takes passengers on a heritage train ride between Moorooduc & Mornington.  And adjoins the Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve.  Which covers approximately 27 hectares of land, and has some incredibly challenging walks.

Two Bays Road is quite narrow.  There are very rarely long stretches of road in front as the road winds its way gently to the peak.  This makes breaking up your climb into small sections quite easily.  It is a narrow road and it’s important to keep as far left as possible, if a vehicles coming up from behind you.  Many of the houses on this road you can’t see from the road.  Even though its a residential road, most of the climb will feel like you’re climbing through a state park.

Two Bays Road has a  Bakery at the top, called the French Bakehouse .  I’m advocating that all climbs should have a Bakery at the top.  It’s a lot easier to smash yourself when you know there is a reward at the end.  The French Bakehouse is quite a popular bakery.  Its only downside is that its too popular & has been known to have a considerable cue lining up for their munchies.  Another reason to try Two Bays Road is there are a couple of short backstreet climbs.  These adjoin Two Bays Road that make a great workout with Humphries Road & Mountain Avenue.  There is also 24 km bike trail from Carrum Downs which links up to Two Bays Road via the Peninsula Link bike.  This is an excellent way to get to this climb.

Bring the family

The Mornington Railway & the Moorooduc Quarry Flora & Fauna Reserves are great places to bring the family. If you sold it right.  Your family could easily enjoy themselves and buy you time to do laps of Two Bays Road for an hour or two……

You never, never know.

Moorooduc Quarry Flora and Fauna Reserve

The Moorooduc quarry was established in 1887.  It was primarily used to transport stone and ballast to facilitate the construction of a nearby railway line. The quarry was closed in 1961 due to severe flooding. The quarry and surrounding areas have since become popular with bush walkers and fitness fanatics.  Who come to run up & down the steep steps leading to the top of the quarry.

Mornington Railway

The Mornington Railway is a heritage railway.  They run Steam & Diesel engine trains and heritage passenger cars between Moorooduc and Mornington. This is run by the Mornington Railway Preservation Society, which is a non-profit organisation.  They run on a regular distance with a round trip of approximately 11 km.

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Two Bays Road


Mount Eliza was named in 1836 by Captain William Hobson after Elizabeth Callaghan.  The wife of John Batman in 1836. It was originally established as a holiday destination.  Which changed in the early 1900’s when many of the old, large estates started to be subdivided.  In 1959 a Hollywood movie called “on the Beach” was filmed starring Fred Estaire, Gregory Peck & Ava Gardner.

This climb was Everested by Leeana James & Matt Borough. Click on this link to read about this ride here:

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