A Hill Without a View

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Chris Cox told me that one of his mates Dave Smith was attempting an Everest.  I had never met Dave but was immediately interested as he happened to choose a back street near my brothers house in the Basin.  U gad set-up a segment on it on Mount View Road.  I could never find a name that suited this climb.  It’s dead straight, and a pretty ugly climb.  I changed the name a couple of times before settling on a “Hill without a view”.

There was only about a dozen riders who had gone up it when I set-it up.  Can’t believe that there’s over 80 now.  At this point of the year I was really tired.  I had been training very hard since last winter, and never had a proper break.  I told myself that once I was finished with my Everests that I would take it easy.  But lied to myself, and really wanted to capitalise on some good form for as long as I could.  Winter was setting in, and I was forcing rides in around some atrocious weather.  This weekend I was trying to make up the numbers on the weekend.  In really windy conditions I did a 150 km ride around the Yarra Boulevard yesterday which pretty much exhausted me.  I was working today, and was told that Dave was starting around 3 am.  I figured I had until 9:30 am to ride, and wanted to make it really worth my while.  So figured I’d show up right from the start.
A Hill Without a View


A Hill Without a View

There was a massive rainfall forecast for the day.  Dave didn’t know me, and didn’t let him know I was coming down.  But given the conditions thought if could help him through the night section hopefully would make a difference. I was optimistic that he could knock it off on such a crappy day.  It was cold, but it wasn’t windy, and we were able to warm-up ok.  It rained on and off, until around 7:00 am and then just didn’t stop.

I was exhausted, and only managed to keep up for the first 25 or so laps.  Having to drop off and ride solo.  I felt bad showing up, and riding so badly, but stubbornly kept at it.  Plowing out 47 laps, for 2,500 vertical and 91 km’s.  It had rained for the last couple of hours I was there.  Throughout the day I spared a thought for Dave as the rain never let up, and went torrential at times.  There was over 60 mm’s of rain that day, and I was expecting to hear that he pulled the plug at some stage.  I wish I was there for more of it as he is one stubborn MF & did it.  

Dave really earned a well deserved reputation of being a hard man. 

There’s been so many Everests completed now, and it would be hard to find one that was done in worse conditions than this one.  It was cold, Dave got drowned, and even though it’s my segment, it is easily the ugliest climb I’ve ever joined in an Everest on.  It would have been boring as all bat shit throughout the day.  I offered to change the name of the title.  But after doing so many laps of it, Dave said that the name was appropriate and its stuck.  Here’s a link to his Strava activity.  Give him a Kudos as he certainly deserves quite a few.  

Dave Smith well & truly earned his spot in the Hells 500 fraternity:

A Hill Without a View


This was the start of the end of a tremendous run for me.  I had just pushed myself too hard for too long, and didn’t ride smart that weekend.  I came down with a horrible chest infection that knocked me for six over the next month.  It was a great run whilst it lasted.

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here:

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