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I would have been able to finish off my first Everest without the help of Stryder. He showed up at 12:30 am and helped guide me through until 9:00 am,  Doing a ridiculous amount of repeats with me on Perrins Creek Road. When his next Everest came up on Melbourne Hill Road I wanted to repay the favor. Of course things didn’t quite go to plan.  I came down with a bad bout of Gastro on the Tuesday of the week, and was knocked for six. I barely ate over the next 3 days, and was feeling really weak on the day.

Me & Brad Thexton

I’m a stubborn SOB, and nothing would stop me showing up. I got there around 1:00 pm, and somehow rode 195 km’s with Stryder.  Leaving left after 3:30 am the next morning. Melbourne Hill Road is a climb which is 1.3 km’s in length with an average gradient of 5%.  Thankfully it suited my climbing style and I was able to pace myself up the climb easily enough. I felt like crap, but tried to keep a Poker face.

I wanted to offer support, not be an anchor.

Stryder was blitzing the ride, but after 5,000 vertical started to go silent.  Experiencing stomach problems himself. He wasn’t 100%, & it was incredible to see the character & strength he has to ignore it and get on with the work.

At one stage I collapsed and my body couldn’t take any more and I sat out a couple of laps whilst I just zoned out. I still felt like shit, but pushed myself to ride another 4 hours. At about 11:00 pm the skies lit up and the rain  came crashing down.

We joked that Stryder would ride better now as its his element.

The descent became dangerous.  But we knew it so well we were able to safely negotiate the descent, at the cost of time. The rain didn’t let up, and it rained for several hours. I was so close to doing  200 km’s.

Normally I would have done the extra laps no problem, but I had to admit that was completely wrecked.  Stryder had it in the bag. I hadn’t eaten all week, and after almost 6,000 vertical and 70 laps I was done. Stryder only had 10 laps left to complete and I would have loved to see him knock it off.  But had nothing left in the tank. It was a truly gutsy effort by Stryder to nail Melbourne Hill Road in a little under 24 hours.  There are no easy Everests, and I failed my first attempt due to a virus.  To see Stryder push through one himself I could not believe the strength he had. This was easily one of the gutsiest rides I did this year.  One I was truly proud to have been part of.

Here is a link to Stryder’s Activity. Please give him Triple Kudos for the mighty work he did that day:

Here is a link to my Strava Activity here:

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