Everesting for Ally

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This is a ride which will touch your heart.  Sadly Peter Arnott’s niece Ally passed away.  She was only 5 years old and suffered from Dravet syndrome.  Which is a rare genetic epileptic encephalopathy which is a dysfunction of the brain.  Pete was inspired by the work of Epilepsy Foundation.  Wanting to support them by raising money on their behalf.  Peter sent out an invitation to join him on an Everesting attempt that he planned to do on 9th July 2016:

“I’d like to help my family in supporting my sister, her husband and her son in the best way I know how… by riding my bike up and down a hill, again and again… again” – Peter Arnott

Peter Arnott

If you don’t know Pete.  He is an Everesting legend.  His first Everest on Humevale was simply epic.  Peter rode 502 km to earn the Grey stripe.  His second on the Yarra Boulevard required him to ride 603 km.  Most people wouldn’t be able to drive that in a day.  Peter cemented his status as an Everesting legend by going back to back on Henley Road.  He Everested both the East and West sides of this climb.  Amassing a mammoth 17,769 vertical and rode 456 km.

This took him 43 and a half hours to do……..

Everest no# 5 was a ride dedicated in memory of Ally.  A chance for Peter and his family and friends to celebrate her life and to raise money for the Molly Dravet Fund.  Click on the following link to read more:

Pete chose to Everest Glen Harrow Heights Road, a backstreet which is located in Belgrave.  Right near Terry’s Avenue.  500 metes @ 11% in gradient.  This is quite a narrow and technical road and right from the outset it’s steep.  Never dipping below 10%.  Technically it’s a residential street.  But it feels like you’re riding through a forest as it borders the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

I arrived at 9:00 am to be greeted by an army of the Hells 500.  There was a who’s who of Everesting legends, and some of Melbourne’s top climbing talent.  We were treated to an almost perfect winter’s day in the Dandenong’s, and perfect conditions to ride a bike.

Sadly I wasn’t riding.

I had recently strained my Achilles for the third time this year.  Coming along as a course photographer and spent the morning working my way up and down the climb.

I met Pete at the base when he came flying around the last bend screaming out “this is my favorite corner ever!”.  He was having fun and I was blown away by how quick he was hitting the climb.  Each lap he would average between 9 – 10 km/h & an ascent would take him between 3 – 3.5 minutes, and he was dragging his Sherpa’s along.

The laps flew and Sherpa’s came and Sherpa’s went.  Pete burnt through several Sherpa’s who couldn’t keep the pace.  Having to drop back and ride at their own pace.  He was possessed and pulling out the ride of his life.

The turnout was amazing.

Family and friends came along to offer support and witness a spectacle as Peter delivered one of the finest Everest rides I’ve ever seen.

Peter finished what he set out to do and completed his 5th Everest.  Putting Glen Harrow Heights on the map in the process.  Over 650 ascents of this climb were completed today, & over 60 riders showed up to roll laps on the day.  One thing which I took from the ride more than everything was how the Hells 500 community will get together to support one another.  We’ve all gone through something special to get to wear the Grey stripe.  A special thank you to everyone who came down to support Pete on the day, and who gave their well wishes on social media.


  • Philip Natividad “This is such a great thing you did mate, it was an honour to roll a few laps with you”. 
  • George Mihailides | www.noboullietacks.com “Congratulations Pete…thinking of you and your family buddy”
  • John Van Seters “Congratulations Pete! Was a pleasure spending the day and seeing you get this done! I am sure Ally would have been so proud that you did this in honour of her! Well done mate”
  • Sam Jeffries You are a bloody top bloke and one a hell of a rider. Well done mate!”
  • Jarrod Stonham You’re a dead set legend
  • Cyril Dixon Inspiring stuff Pete, great to roll a few laps and do it for Ally. Commiserations to you and your family in what is a difficult time. I hope this makes it all a bit easier.”

Before collapsing in a heap, Pete posted a thank you video to Facebook:

“A resident at the top of the street came down his driveway and handed me a $20 note and shook my hand and said it’s a really good thing you’re doing.  It really helped me to get through it, and at one point we had close to 14 Grey stripes on the road which was quite something.  A lot of family, and a lot of friends.  A lot of purple.  I could say something witty and insightful cause normally I would but I’m quite f@#ed right now, so I’m going to drink this Beer then go to sleep.” 

Everesting for Ally

Here is a link to Pete’s Strava ride.  Please give him some Kudos.

Everesting for Ally:

  • Distance:             186 km
  • Elevation:            8,848 metres
  • Riding time:        14 hours 14 minutes
  • Total time:          15 hours 38 minutes

At the time of posting this post Pete was able to raise an amazing $4,500.  Please find it within yourself to make a donation to the Epilepsy Foundation.  Click here:

Allegra Rose Patty

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