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I’ve been party to many Everests and been a Sherpa lots of times.  I love my climbing, and doing repeats really gives you a chance to best experience a climb.  Having logged well in excess of 100,000 vertical on Everest attempts.  Click on the links below to read about the Everests that I’ve Sherpered for:

Climb                                                                   Everester
  • 1:20                                            Gary Beazley & Martin English
  • The Serpentine                        Gary Beazley
  • Falls Road                                 Gary Beazley
  • Payne Road                               Nathan Pasco
  • Mount View Road                   David Smith
  • The Wall                                    Steve Gardner
  • Two Bays Road                        Leeana Kate James
  • Melbourne Hill Road             Stryder Tanjil Aris
  • Hughes Street                         Matt & Anthony
  • Brimbank Road                      Group of 6
  • Mount Donna Buang            Ewan Hilsdon
  • Everest for Ally                       Peter Arnott
  • Kia Ora Parade                     Adam Dawson
  • Sherbrooke Road                   Group of 4
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