Ben Lomond aka Jacob’s Ladder

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Distance: 23.2 km
Average Gradient: 
Elevation gain: 
1,070 metres
Terrain: Gravel (MTB or CX only)
Road Surface:
Loose gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Ben Lomond is a mountain to the north of Tasmania, and situated 42 km east of Launceston.  It is visible over much of the northern midlands of Tasmania.  Its stark treeless plateau is roughly 14 kilometers in length, 6 kilometers wide.  And is in excess of 1,300 meters in height. A summit on the plateau named Legges Tor is the second highest point in Tasmania at 1,572 meters.

Jacobs Ladder Tasmania
Image taken by Jenne; courtesy of Flickr

Ben Lomond climb

Ben Lomond is a climb for the gravel grinders.  Offering 14 km of challenging undulating climbing over gravel just to get to the base of Jacob’s ladder.  The ladder is a section of road which has been built straight into the side of the mountain.  And looks more like a climb you would see in the Tour de France.  Not in Tasmania.   Once you hit the ladder.  To the side of the road are cliff walls and giant boulder gardens that flow down the face of the mountain.  The Ladder itself is 1.2 km in length with a large number of switchbacks with an average gradient of 13% over loose gravel.  This climb would test even a seasoned pro, and is easily one of the most difficult HC climbs in Australia.


Jacobs Ladder Tasmania
Image taken by Jenne; courtesy of Flickr

The climb to the summit offers amazing views of rocky crags & surrounded on all sides by precipitous escarpments.  Its one that you will want to put on your bucket list.



Jacobs Ladder Tasmania
Ben Lomond

Plan your ride

  • No facilities on sight. Make sure you carry adequate food and water supplies
  • CX or Mountain bike suggested
  • Bring adequate tools in order to make repairs.  Otherwise you will be in for a very long walk home
  • Use extreme caution on the descent

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