Collinsvale Road

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Collinsvale Rd
Distance 3.5 km
Category 3
Elevation 287m
Gradient 8.1%
Maximum Gradient 15%
Time from city 40 minutes
Traffic pretty much nonexistent
How to get to the climb: Take the intercity cycleway North. After passing through Glenorchy make a left hand turn onto Riverway Road.  From here you then turn right onto Main Road, and then left onto Mary’s Hope Road which is not a bad little climb itself.  Then make a left at the roundabout onto Berriedale Road. The climb starts 1 km down the road.

You will really enjoy this climb!

Collinsvale Road

I am fortunate that Marc Durdin who runs a cycling blog in Tasmania has allowed me to post some of the great climb reviews that he put together in and around Hobart.

Images and words Marc Durdin

The climb starts at the beginning of Collinsvale Road.  This is signposted as an alternative route. You will pass a handful of houses which are in the suburban fringe before the road turns on the charm in earnest.

Collinsvale Road

This climb has so many appealing qualities.  With tight hairpins, old ruins, ancient retaining walls and fern-covered culverts.  You will treasure every metre of this climb which is just fantastic.

Collinsvale Road

As you come over the crest of the climb.  You are greeted with a wonderful panoramamic view of Collinsvale.  Which is surrounded by mountains such as Collins Cap and Collins Bonnet.

Collinsvale Road

After you have reached the summit.  Then continue down the hill on the far side, and turn left at the T junction into Collinsvale.  Here you will find more great climbs.  Alternatively you can turn right for a rip-roaring descent on the new road through Glenlusk.

Collinsvale Road

Collinsvale Road at a glance:

  • Minimal traffic
  • Very steep peaking at 15%
  • Mainly countryside
  • Stunning scenery
  • A road which holds historical significance
  • Impressive views at the top

Please use caution on the descents.

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