Strickland Avenue

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TIME FROM CITY 15 minutes
TRAFFIC medium
How to get to the climb: Ride up Davey Street to the Southern Outlet, then turn right and left onto Macquarie Street. climb starts at Cascade Brewery (you won’t have trouble finding it).

Strickland Avenue

I am fortunate that Marc Durdin who runs a blog in Tasmania has allowed me to post some of the climb reviews that he put together around Hobart.

Images and words Marc Durdin

Strickland Avenue is one of Hobart’s best known climbs.  Winding its way through South Hobart and The Cascades into the foothills of Mount Wellington. It’s one of several approaches to Mount Wellington.  Probably the most popular route to get there from Hobart by bike.

Strickland Avenue
Cascade Brewery

Strickland Avenue was the first part of the Team Time Trial route for Stage 1 of the 2011 Tour of Tasmania. The TTT then continued to the summit of Mt Wellington.

Strickland Avenue
Yurt corner

The climb starts at Cascade Brewery in South Hobart.  A mere 10-15 minute ride from the city centre along Macquarie Street. I break the ascent into 3 sections.  With Hobart Rivulet crossings forming the divisions between the sections. The first section from Cascade Brewery to the bridge is wide and flowing.  It is tempting to ride hard and fast along it.  The road is smooth and relatively easy going.

You can set a cracking pace here but you may regret it!

Strickland Avenue

At the bridge over Hobart Rivulet, the road curves steeply back on itself.  Narrowing dramatically, with overhanging gum trees providing welcome shade on hot days. Soon on the right you’ll see a yurt-like house as you climb a steep bend (go up a gear and power up it!). The climb continues at a steady 6%.  Winding through Cascades until you reach the second crossing over Hobart Rivulet.  This corner is also the steepest pinch. After the pinch comes a gentler section that finishes at a T-Junction with Huon Road.

Strickland Avenue

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