Glenmore Road (Rowsley)

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Distance: 2.7 km
Average Gradient: 6%
Steepest Gradient: 19%
Elevation gain: 172 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Category: 3
Road Surface: Good’

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Glenmore Road is arguably one of the hardest climbs to the West of Melbourne.  It is famous for being used in the epic “Hell of the North” ride, and has been used in stages of the Jayco Herald Sun Tour.  If you love a sense of adventure, and really enjoy a challenge then why not head out West to see how you fare against the Glenmore Road climb.

Glenmore Road

Glenmore Road climb

The ride up to the base of this climb is just as good as the climb itself.  You’ll find the views through the valley simply stunning. The climb begins just after you cross the Yalloak Creek Bridge.

The first 1.7 km’s of this climb are more of a false flat with a steady gradient which you’ll find quite enjoyable.  Try to soak in the scenery as its going to get very hard soon.

As soon as you see this yellow sign warning of a steep ascent (pictured below) you’re screwed.

Base of the climb

Glenmore Road gets ridiculously steep.

Glenmore Road

With gradients peaking at close to 20% you’ll be hoping this one ends soon.

This is arguably one of the most hardest short climbs in Victoria with a 1 km stretch averaging 13%.

The fact that it just gets steeper & steeper all the way to the top doesn’t help.  You’ll be thankful when you see the last rise ahead of you.  You’ll figure out pretty quickly where the end of the climb is.

When you get over the top, there is one very long flat road ahead of you.  Quite contrasting to the beautiful valley that you just climbed out of.  The climb up Glenmore Road is as challenging as it is rewarding.  Give it a try.

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