Manningham Road (Darley)

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Distance: 1.2km
Average Gradient: 9%
Elevation gain: 110 metres
Category: 4
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Road Surface: Good

Click here for link to the Strava segment.

Bacchus Marsh is surrounded by a number of challenging climbs, and is a fantastic area to ride around.  Manningham Road is a backstreet climb which has fantastic views near the top.  Which offers a challenging gradient which gets steeper the further up you go, peaking at 17% near the top.  You will enjoy this climb as the road is quite wide, and as it’s a dead end road.  You won’t not be likely to see many cars through here.


Manningham Road climb

The climb starts at the intersection of Links Road & Manningham Road.

Start of the climb

The climb ramps up straight away.  Averaging close to 10% over the first 300 metres before it flattens out just after you pass Ramsay Crescent on your left hand side

You will have some respite over the next 100 metres as the road flattens.

Use caution on the descent trough this traffic furniture

This is a lung buster as the last 700 metres of this climb will gradually get steeper and steeper and steeper.  Ultimately peaking at a very steep 17%.

There are some very impressive sized properties to either side of the road, & it would be easy to envision living here.

After you pass Whelan Court, you ride through an “S” bend until the end of the climb.


The climb finishes at the intersection of Delwyn Court.  If you want some extra torture feel free to climb this court which is short but steep.

The end of the climb

Please use caution on the descent.  You can hit incredibly fast speeds.  It is a residential street and you need to be mindful that there may be cars around.  Also this road backs onto a State Park, and there may be a possibility of encountering wildlife.

For the Strava semgent for the extended climb.  Click here.





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