Falls Creek climb

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Distance: 30.9km
Elevation gain: 1,181m
Average Gradient: 4%
Maximum Gradient: 10%
Surface: Sealed
Traffic: Light

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Falls Creek is a Mountain resort which is part of the Alpine National Park.  Located 355 km north-east of Melbourne.  Falls Creek is best known as one of Australia’s most popular winter wonderlands.  Luckily for us, when the snow begins to melt, Falls Creek transforms into a cycling paradise.

The Climb

Start: The climb begins from the Mount Beauty Visitor Information centre

The climb from Mount Beauty to the top of Falls Creek is one of the longest in the Victorian Alps.  You’ll need a high level of fitness to make the ascent to the top.  The Falls Creek climb offers plenty of breaks with quite a few descents and false flats to catch your breath.  The majority of these are over the first 2/3rd of this climb.  You’ll find the road is winding.  Thankfully there are plenty of corners and switchbacks that make it easier to break up your climb.  Much of the climb you will be surrounded by a forest.  With tall gum forests thick with lush ferns and lots of wildlife.  The great thing about this climb is that often the road will open up to some absolutely amazing panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains to the left hand side of the road.

Expect a tough finish to the climb as the last 10km are the steepest but most rewarding.

The Summit

The toll booth signifies that you are on the final leg to the summit of Falls Creek climb.  There is 3.8km of climbing left, which is arguably the hardest part of the climb.  The road ramps up and the average gradient rises to 6.8%.  The terrain also changes dramatically as you will come upon a forest of petrified trees.  In 2013 fires rages uncontrollably around the Alpine National Park.  Which destroyed much of the vegetation around the area.  Whilst some of the vegetation has regrown.  The Snow gums which can reproduce via seed have not been able to do so.  Which has left the road exposed to the elements which adds an element of difficulty to the climb.

When you see Falls Creek resort in the distance.  Virtually every rider is fooled by the distance and will think they’re almost there.  The final k’s can really seem to last forever. There is some very dramatic scenery through here and whilst challenging.  The reward of reaching the summit is one of the best feelings you can have on a bike.

When you reach the Falls Creek entry you will breath a sigh of relief, but the climb is still not over.  Don’t stop till you get to the top…..

Finish: the Falls Creek Visitor Information Centre


  • The Falls Creek climb is long and you will need to take adequate nutrition and water to sustain yourself to the top.  You can find the odd steam to the side of the road that you can fill up your water bottles (depending on the time of year).  It is advised not to risk riding without plenty of fluids.
  • Mobile reception is available on the climb, however expect some black spots.
  • There is food and accommodation at Falls Creek. Visit Falls Creek website here for further details.
  • Falls Creek also offers a number of other great cycling options.  Visit Falls Creek Road Cycling page for further details.

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