Taminick Gap

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Taminick Gap lies to the west of Glenrowan.  Which takes you to the heart of the great Outback and offers some of country Victoria’s finest cycling.  The town of Glenrowan is famous as being Ned Kelly’s Last stand.  The town where the Kelly gang holed up in Jonse’s Hotel.  They were surrounded by police where a shootout ensued.  This left Ned Kelly wounded, and gang members Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly & Steve Hart shot dead.  It was a bloodbath which left 6 others dead & 7 wounded.  Glenrowan is now considered as the heart of Kelly territory.  An area which is steeped in history.

Ned Kelly statue in front of the Post Office

Glenrowan is now considered a tourist town & offers some fantastic cycling.  For the climbers, directly behind Glenrowan lies Taminick Gap.  This is part of the Warby Ranges National Park and the Winton Wetlands.

Image courtesy of Flickr; taken by John

Taminick Gap climb

The climb takes riders on a journey through some amazing bushland and past Wineries and the Winton Wetlands.  You can climb the Taminick Gap from two directions and as soon as you reach the peak.  The descent on either side lies a magnificent technical descent, that will leave you grinning.

Don’t be fooled by the average gradient on either side of this climb.  The road surface is very coarse and makes you push extra harder to grind your way up to the top.  You will be lucky to see a car, and this is one of those climbs that you want to add to your bucket list.  If you are up north it is certainly worth a detour.

For further information on cycling in the area head to the Glenrowan tourist Website here

Climb details:

Taminick Gap (West)

Distance:            2.5 km

Gradient:           6%

Elevation:          143 meters

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Taminick Gap (East)

Distance:           3.1 km

Gradient:          5%

Elevation:         158 meters

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:


Taminick Gap
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