Tawonga Gap (Mount Beauty side)

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Distance: 7.6 km
Average Gradient: 6.5%
Elevation gained: 498 metres
Surface: Sealed
Traffic: Light

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Start of climb: Intersection of Bright-Tawonga Gap Road and Kiewa Valley Highway

The east side of Tawonga Gap.  From Mount Beauty is the shorter and more brutal climb up to the Tawonga Gap lookout.  Cyclists have been know to  travel from all around the country to make the ascent up this amazing climb.

The lookout

Tawonga Gap (Mount Beauty) climb

Overall this climb has a fairly steady gradient with slight elevation changes though out. Given its length and average gradient, it’s important to find that sweet spot and stick to it. This is a climb which is quite unforgiving if you cook yourself too early. The climb twists and winds its way up the eastern slope of Tawonga Gap.  And features a number of hairpins which are deceptively steep. The best part of this climb are the valley views to the right-hand side of the road.  You will pass several lookouts on the way up. It is tempting to pull over to get a photo or two.

End of climb: Tawonga Gap Lookout

Tawonga Gap Lookout

The Tawonga Gap lookout is at 750 m above sea level.  The lookout overlooks the beautiful Kiewa Valley and the Kiewa River with Mount Bogong off in the distance.  This is Victoria’s highest peak at 1986 meters above sea level. In the distance, across the valley is Mount Emu at 1361 metres. During the winter months (May-August), please remember this area is the Victorian Alps.  You need to check weather conditions before attempting this climb.


Kiewa Valley Highway was opened on 19th March 1896.  The road was built so that farmers were able to move their produce to Bright. This steep and windy road was built by hand.  Contractors had to use pick & shovels and had to wheelbarrow away all the debris. Much blood, sweat & tears went into the construction of this road. If you find yourself suffering on this climb, spare a thought for the poor workers that built this road.

Click here if you want to read more about the history of the region.

Tawonga Gap (Mount Beauty) is a climb which has been featured in events such as Peaks Challenge ride.

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