The Horn (Mount Buffalo)

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Distance: 2.3km
Average Gradient:  6.2%
Elevation Gain: 147 metres
Surface: Gravel (rough)
Traffic: Very light

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The Horn is the most prominent peak in the Mount Buffalo National Park.  At an elevation of 1,723 meters above sea level.  Was the creation of an Earth fart.  It was formed from molten rock that just couldn’t break through the Earth’s surface.  A bubble cooled below its surface. Over time, the surface above eroded which exposed the granite and gave the Horn its imposing shape.  Its striking boulders, rock formations and alpine vegetation.

The Horn

The Horn climb

Start of the climb: shortly after the road turns to gravel

The climb

As soon as you enter the climb, the most dominating feature is the Horn up the road.  This is your end game.

The road surface is quite poor, and is littered with lots of loose gravel.  Depending on the time of year, it can be quite dusty on a hot summers day. The key to successfully getting to the peak in one piece is picking the right riding line.   It is quite steep in parts and if you get trapped and have to ride over gravel.  You may loose valuable time and energy.  Or worse still have a puncture or two!

This climb is at a very high altitude and the vegetation is quite thin. This add to the dramatic scenery.  This climb is made much easier by having a number of switchbacks & sweeping bends.  You’ll find it quite easy to break the climb up section by section.  There are some very steep sections but overall there is a fairly steady gradient.

As climbs go, this one of the best lookouts you are likely to see on a bike.  The panoramic views from the south of the Horn are simply incredible.

End of the climb: the Horn carpark

Image taken by Mick Stanic (courtesy of Flickr)

The Horn

The Horn is a striking granite peak, which is not unlike a horn of a Buffalo.  This was the name it was given by the first European explorers at Mount Buffalo; Hume & Hovell.  If you’ve got the time.  There is a short, but steep walk up to the peak of the Horn.  Up the top is a lookout which offers impressive 360 degree views.  Allow up to 1.5 hours return to do this walk.  Which involves some steep climbing up rock steps and over boulders.  The experience you get from the views up top are indescribable.

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