Brett Road (Warburton)

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Distance: 600 meters
Average Gradient: 12%
Elevation gain: 80 meters
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential
Category: 4

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Brett Road is located on the lower slopes of Mount Donna Buang.  It is a super steep backstreet, which is located in the town of Warburton, in the Yarra Valley.  Whilst only short, this one will sting and well and truly worth making a short detour for.

Whilst this is a dead end road, Brett Road offers cyclists a tough challenge.  Let’s face it.  Anything over 10% in gradient really hurts & Brett Road will not tickle.

The climb starts at the intersection of Brett Road & Dammans Road

Keep an eye out for traffic on this road due to the fact that its quite narrow.  This is a challenging climb with pinches hitting close to 20% in parts.  Do whatever you have to get up it.  Curse if you have to.

Kudos to everyone who has the strength to get up this one!

End of the climb

This climb will be introduced to a world of new riders as it is featured in the 2015 Melbourne Dirty Dozen.  The great thing about an event like this is it opens riders eyes open to a great network of climbs that they didn’t know existed.  Whilst you shouldn’t need an excuse to climb, and event like this really encourages people to get out their comfort zone & try new climbs.  Warburton already has a reputation as being one of Victoria’s most popular country towns to ride around.  And has hosted a number of cycling events such as the Dirty Dozen, Ole Dirty & Vertical K.  Warburton continues to improve its reputation as one of the best places to ride in the country.

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