Chum Creek Road

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Length: 8 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Total Ascent: 295m
Climb Category: 3

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Chum Creek is located a little upstream from Healesville.  The name originated as ‘New Chum Creek’.  This was a reference to traces of gold found in the creek in 1859.  By 1860 Chum Creek was a village, however due to the creation of tracks to the distant Gippsland and Yarra Valley goldfields, the main settlement was formed at Healesville.

Beginning of the climb

Chum Creek Road climb

The Chum Creek Road climb begins at the corner of Heath Road and Healesville-Kinglake Road (see photo above)

The climb up Chum Creek Road offers a gentle consistent gradient, which meanders its way up towards Toolangi through Paul’s Range State Forest.  To either side of the road is a dense forest of spectacular tree ferns, Mountain Ash, and native gums which offers protection from the wind and offers shade on a really hot day.  This is a climb which is as much a pleasure to cruise up as it is to smash yourself against.

From Healesville the road undulates a bit until you reach the start of the climb proper.  This is a good chance to warm your legs up.  Pretty much the gradient fluctuates between 3 -5% and is a climb which is easy to find your rhythm, with the road turning left, then right then right then left as it winds its way gently up the hill.

When you are nearing the end of this climb, the forest opens out into grassing pastures and you’ll pass open farmlands.  The road straightens up and the gradient dips which is a good enough excuse to get out of your seat to have a sprint to the finish the climb strong.

The climb ends at Healesville-Kinglake Road and Myers Creek Road

If you want to continue climbing then turn right onto Myers Creek Road where there is a further 3.4 km of climbing with an average gradient of 3%.

What to expect

  • Stunning scenery
  • Gentle gradient
  • Windy roads suited as a race circuit
  • Chum Creek Road is very popular with Motorcyclists.
  • If you want to celebrate at the top there is the Toolangi Pub


53 km north-east of Melbourne (and immediately north-west of Healesville)

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