Cog Cafe climb

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Distance:  500 metres
Average Gradient: 16%
Elevation gain: 90 metres
Traffic: Light traffic
Terrain: Residential/Forest
Road Surface: Gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

The Cog Bike Café lies at the end of the Lilydale Warburton Trail.  This is one of Victoria’s most popular rail trails which stretches 38 km in length.  You’ll find a great hidden climb directly behind the Cog Café which is quite a brutal gravel climb.  It’s not for the feint hearted and one for the pure climbing enthusiasts as well as the gravel grinders.

Start of the climb: Corner of Warburton Highway and Station Street

The climb to the entrance of the Cog Café is sealed and peaks in excess of 20%.  This is the easy part of the climb!  The road flattens out briefly as you turn onto Madeline Street and turn onto Croom Street.  You’ll soon find that the road turns to gravel and there is only a limited racing line that you can ride on.  This makes it extra challenging to get up.

Along the way you will be treated to some stunning views of Mount Donna Buang to the left hand side of the road.  It’s unlikely that you will see a car, but if you do the road is very narrow and would suggest you pull off the road to let them by.   This is a dead end road.  Once you reach the gate at the end of the road you will have to backtrack.

When you reach these gates you will have to turn back

Cog Café

The Cog Café has everything a cyclist needs.  Great Coffee and a Bicycle Workshop to boot. Several times they’ve saved my bacon with helping me out with emergency repairs and helped me get back on the road.  The Cog Café also has suitable bikes to rent out to ride the Lilydale Warburton Trail which is 40 km one way, and easily one of the best rides you can do to truly experience the Yarra Valley and a great ride to take the family on.

Link to Facebook page here:

The Cog Cafe climb was a popular inclusion as the opening climb in the 2015 & 2016 Warburton Dirty Dozen ride.


Directions:                                           Warburton is located approximately 72 km east of Melbourne

                                                                on the Warburton Highway

Accomodation Options:                  Visit Warburton Info Website

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