Dee Road (Millgrove)

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Distance:  1.5 km
Average Gradient: 10%
Maximum Gradient: 27%
Category: 3
Elevation gain: 155 metres
Terrain: Forest
Road Surface: Good (small section of gravel)

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

This climb is a pure Deelight for the hill junkies

Located beneath the forested mountains of Mount Donna Buang.  Ben Cairn and Mount Little Joe in Millgrove is a very scenic location and offers some challenging climbing.  And is guaranteed to Deestroy your legs.  The climb starts on a false flat leading up to the base of the climb.  Which begins just after you cross the bridge across the Dee River.

Dee Road climb

Before you get to the base of the climb you will need to cross an old wooden bridge.  Please use caution when crossing the bridge.  There are large cracks in-between the boards and can be slippery on a wet day.

The climb up Dee Road will take you up the lower slopes of the south-west side of Mount Donna Buang.  Through some stunning temperate rain forest.  It is as beautiful as it is hard.

You’ll want to save something in reserve.  This is one of those evil climbs that starts on a false flat & just keeps getting steeper and steeper and steeper and steeper.  Peaking at a ridiculous 27%.  You won’t need to look down at your Garmin to know that its steep!

The Dee Road climb takes you to one of the access car parks to the O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail, and offers some incredible views from the top.  Just before you reach the top you will hit a short gravel section just before the car park.  This is easy to get across on a Road bike.

If you’re planning on riding the Aqueduct trail, you can do so on a Road bike.  However you will want to be running at least 28 mm tires.  It a great ride to out to the Mount Donna Buang Tourist Road from here.

Views from the Aqueduct car park

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