Martyr Road (Warburton)

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Distance: 300 meters
Average Gradient: 19%
Elevation gain: 62 meters
Traffic:Light traffic
Surface: Sealed

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Martyr Road climb

With some of the Yarra Valleys best cycling.  Warburton has a bit for everyone and has rides that cater for riders of all abilities.  Hidden next to the Warburton Golf course is one of Victoria’s most difficult sealed back street climbs; Martyr Road.  This is a climb which has a gradient which sits uncomfortably around the 30% mark for what will seems a very, very, very long time.  For those who have attempted this climb.  The name “Martyr Road” will instill a sense of dread.   Whilst only 400 meters in length, Martyr Road has made many grown men cry. Many a riders has jumped (or fallen) off their bikes attempting to get to the top of this monster.

Photo taken by Ewan Hilsdon

The climb begins at the intersection of Martyr Road & Dammans Road.

If you’re trying to climb this hill on anything less than a compact “don’t bother!”.  The fact that you can’t see the top of the climb is quite daunting.  You’ll be wishing you had more gears.

Photo taken by Ewan Hilsdon

Mission Impossible

Every fibre of your body will be telling you to get off and walk.  You’ll have to fight body and mind.  You will need to use all of your climbing skills to get up Martyr Road.  Zig-zag, weave, scream in pain. Do whatever is necessary to grind your way to the top.  If you can get up Martyr’s in one piece you can pretty much get up anything.

Photo taken by Ewan Hilsdon

You’ll know when you reach the top. Hopefully its before the heart stops. One thing we will guarantee is that you will become drunk on oxygen at the top.


27 reasons to climb

Martyr’s has been featured in a number of events including Vertical K, Hells 500’s Ol’ Dirty, as well as the Climbing Cyclist Dirty Dozen series.

If you want more ideas on the best places to ride in and around Warburton click here.

At a glance:

  • One of Victoria’s steepest paved residential streets
  • Quite a wide road, and residents are not likely to park on the road for fear there car will roll down the hill
  • Adjoins the Warburton Golf Club


You can choose to either descend Wellington Road (gravel) or descend back down Martyr Road.  Both of these are residentail streets with have incredibly steep gradients.  Please use extreme caution on the descent.

How to get there:

The town of Warburton is located approximately 77 km east of Melbourne.  As you enter the town turn left onto the first bridge, and then right onto Dammans Road.  Martyr Road is 400 meters on the left of the road.

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