Old Warburton Road (Warburton)

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Old Warburton Road “aka Little Joe”
Distance: 4.3 km
Average Gradient: 5%
Elevation gain: 204 metres
Traffic:Light traffic
Terrain: Residential/Forest
Category: 3

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Little Joe

Old Warburton Road climb

Little Joe is located just to the south of the township of Warburton.  You could argue that Little Joe is really two separate climbs.  Each very difficult.  What makes it challenging as a climb.  Is the fact that the first climb is quite steep peaking at 13%.  If your legs go to sleep on the descent the second climb will give you grief.  Given there is over 1 km of descending on this segment.  The average gradient of 5% should send alarm bells.

Start of the climb

The climb starts at the corner of Old Warburton Road & Horners Road.

Little Joe takes you up the lower slopes of Mount Bride.

The first 1.4 km of Old Warburton Road averages over 7%.  This is quite deceptive as 2/3rd’s of this climb were well in excess of 9%.

There were two particularly nasty pinches around the corner of Sylvan Avenue.  And the turn-off for La La Falls which averaged near 13%.  Thankfully the climb is windy enough that you couldn’t see much of the climb in front of you.  This makes it easier to break up your limb.  Most of the climb is residential.  However most houses have beautiful gardens, and most of the time you’ll feel like your surrounded by nature.

Top of the bend

The gradient eases off after you come around the bend.  There’s another 400 metres of climbing before you hit the descent.  The descent continues for 1.1km and it is important to brace yourself for the second part of this climb.

Climb 2

There is another 1.5km of climbing at over 8% with some very nasty pinches.  The road surface is course & the road twists & winds its way up the slopes of Mount Bride.

Peaceful and painful valley

When your lungs are burning & your legs are on fire.  When you come upon this beautiful sign telling you that its a peaceful valley.  Its alright to say that its full of s#%t.

Mount Bride Road

The climb finishes just before you hit the Mount Bride Road turnoff.  If you’re feeling adventurous turn left up there.  Its gravel & there’s another 5km of climbing to the top of Mount Bride.


Old Warburton Road


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