Skyline Road (Yarra Glen)

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Distance: 3.3 km
Gradient: 6%
Category: 3
Elevation: 209 meters
Surface: Good
Traffic: Heavy

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Enjoy a memorable experience as you are treated to one of the most scenic climbs the Yarra Valley has to offer.  Skyline Road  takes you to the heart of Christmas Hills and offers magnificent views of both the Yarra Ranges and the Dandenong Ranges.

Just under an hours drive from Melbourne, this is a climb that is well worth the trek.

Skyline Road climb

The climb begins in Yarra Glen.  This is a small country town which is situated a little north of the flood plain through which the Yarra River flows, and is set amongst the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley.  One of Australia’s most renowned winery regions.

The climb begins at the intersection of Steels Creek Road and Skyline Road.

The climb is steep but has consistent gradient which is easy to find your rhythm.

Keep an eye to the left as you will be treated to some magnificent views and hopefully distract you from the pain in your legs as this is quite a difficult climb.

The road is narrow and you’ll need to keep to the far left of the road.  This is an arterial road and you are likely to experience heavy traffic.

2.7 km into the climb flattens out & this is seen as the traditional end to the climb.  If you turn left into Skyline Road there is another 300 meters of climbing.  The road will turn to gravel and only about 50 meters up the road you’ll be treated to one of the finest views that you can see of the Yarra Valley.

Skyline Road

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