Steavensons Falls (Marysville)

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Distance: 2.8 km
Average Gradient: 4%
Elevation gain: 113 metres
Traffic:  Light
Terrain:  Forests
Road Surface:  Good
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The road up to Steavensons Falls is a gem to climb.  This climb offers a challenging undulating climb.  And is surrounded by dense forest across a steep-sided valley through the Steavenson Falls Reserve.  This climb takes you out to the tallest waterfalls in Victoria. With 5 cascades with a total descent of 122 metres.

Steavensons Falls were named after John Steavenson who was the assistant Commissioner of Roads and Bridges. Who first visited the site of what is now Marysville in 1862.  The Falls are located 4 kilometers south east of Marysville, and are open 7 days a week.  The trail leading to the Falls are floodlit each night until 11:00pm. Providing spectacular night time views of the falls.

Steavensons Falls
Steavensons Falls

 Black Saturday


As a result of Black Saturday.  Much of the habitat around Stevensons Falls was destroyed, and it was left barren. Over the years, there has been much regrowth.  Steavensons Falls is beginning to get back to its original beauty and charm.

Steavensons Falls
View from the top of the Falls
 Some climbs just appeal to you, and the climb up to the Steavensons Falls is one of them.  The road feels as if it was designed as a mini race track.  With lots of free flowing corners.  Minimal traffic & easy on the eye.  It’s 4% gradient is quite deceptive as its quite undulating in bits, and offers a good challenge.


Steavensons Falls at a glance

  • Toilet facility available
  • Water not suitable for drinking (shame you can’t fill your bottle up from the falls)
  • Scenic lookouts (great photo opportunities)
  • Dogs not allowed
 Steavensons Falls

About Marysville

Marysville is situated in the heavily forested areas of the Great Dividing Range.  It sits at the base of Melbourne’s closets Alpine area; Lake Mountain.  When the snow melts Lake Mountain becomes a cycling paradise and is one of Victoria’s most popular climbs.  And part of the 7 Peaks challenge.

Marysville was once a gold mining area, which turned into a popular tourist destination.  Tourists are attracted by the areas beauty and serenity.  Cyclists are more attracted to the hills.

Steavensons Falls
The car park signifies the end of the climb

 Hiking around the Falls

There are a choice of several walking tracks in and around the falls.  Some are very easy, others insanely difficult.  The easiest takes you to the base of the falls where there are several viewing platforms. This track is 700 metres in length (gravel) and this path is floodlit between dusk and midnight.  From the lookout you can opt to climb to the top of the falls where there is a viewing platform overlooking the falls.  This path is incredibly steep.  Quite narrow.  And there are a number of obstacles along the ways such as rocks and roots.  A very high level of fitness is required to attempt this climb.  There are several benches to sit on the way up.  This is a two-way path and be courteous when approaching other hikers.  One person will have to stand to the side of the path to give way to the other.

The Tree Fern Gully Trail is a moderate walking track which links Marysville to the Steavenson Falls Scenic Reserve. This track starts in Gallipoli Park in Marysville and is 3.4 kilometres in length with some moderate climbing up until the falls.  It will take 1 – 1.5 hours return.

The Keppel Lookout Trail is must do.  Heads up that it is incredibly challenging.  This trail is 11 kilometres in length and there is the first half is a steep ascent.  The second half a steep descent.  A high level of fitness is required and hikers should be self-sufficient with plenty of food and water.  The Keppel Lookout itself offers some amazing views over Marsyville and surrounds.

Steavensons Falls
There are some amazing hikes that you can take from Steavensons Falls
Steavensons Falls
See you at the Falls

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