Yuonga Road (Warburton)

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Yuonga Road
Location: Warburton
Distance:  1.6 km
Average Gradient: 11%
Maximum Gradient: 24%
Category: 3
Elevation gain: 133 metres
Terrain: Resedential
Road Surface: Paved/Gravel

Here is a link to the Strava segment here:

Mount Donna Buang is a Mountain in the southern part of the Great Dividing Range. It is located in Warburton and is one of Victoria’s most popular Mountain climbs to ride. The drive is only around 90 minutes from Melbourne.  This takes you through the beautiful Yarra Valley.

On the lower slopes of Mount Donna Buang is a road which runs parallel to the popular tourist road climb called Yuonga Road.  This road is quite steep and takes you to one of the entrances to the O’Shannassy’s Aqueduct Trail.  Which offers magnificent views of Mount Bride.

Turn left

Yuonga Road climb

The climb begins at the start of the Mount Donna Buang Tourist Road.  There is a short climb until you reach the turnoff at Yuonga Road where you turn left (see image above).

There are some stunning views of Mount Donna Buang which may help to distract you from the pain.  This is one steep sucka!

The gravel bit

The sealed section of the climb finishes near the Aqueduct trail 1.3 km into the climb.  Just getting to this point is incredibly difficult.  The road then turns to gravel and gets steeper.  Continuing on for a further 300 meters roads up the lower slopes of Mount Donna Buang.  It is incredibly steep with sections peaking at well in excess of 20%.  The surface is loose gravel & is more suitable to climb on a CX or MTB bike.

This is a dead end road, and with luck you finish the climb before it finishes you.

How to get there

Directions:                                           Warburton is approximately 72 km east of Melbourne

                                                                 on the Warburton Highway

Accomodation Options:                  Visit Warburton Info Website

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